The future of digital printing

This section looks at the activities that must be overcome in order for digital printing to grow in the future.

7.5.1 A simple and straightforward fingerprint system
A digital printing system is not limited to the inkjet printer itself; It involves many other steps to provide a simple and easy-to-use printing system that will gain wider acceptance in society:


Fabrics to print

Pretreatment agents, techniques, tools and suppliers

A low cost yet high performance textile inkjet printer

Post-treatment (steam, washing).

Currently, one company, Seiren Co. Ltd, has successfully established such a complete printing system on its own and has been the only player in the digital printing market so far. Some of the keys to popularizing digital printing are the dissemination of pre- and post-treatment recipes, encouraging suppliers to welcome small batch printing and marketing and advertising for print suppliers for easy access for users. self-print. Mimaki sought to gather pre and post treatment information and to release technical information to a wide range of users in support of tissue treatment suppliers and users.

7.5.2 Improving Productivity
Once the digital printing speed exceeds 200m2 / h, it can replace conventional screen printing in terms of printing speed. Currently, the digital printing speed is 30 m2 / h or less for practical use; therefore, more print operations cover productivity. In addition to improving the print speed, it is essential to maintain high quality of the printed images. Achieving 30–50 m2 / h in high quality 720 dpi mode is technically the market demand. At the same time, the ink cost should be reduced, as mentioned in the next section.

7.5.3 Promoting digital printing technology to the next level
In Italy and France, digital printing technology has been widely promoted. Mimaki has shipped a total of 1000 sets of textile inkjet printers to both countries. The successful promotion of digital printers in those countries was supported by the digital printing brand.

The ability of digital printing to create eye-catching designs and brands, as well as to mark big hits with small runs of luxury or specialty items, should facilitate the popularization of digital printing. In addition to the hardware package, how to offer print technology as a system, promote its software side, including collaborating with high fashion designers, and hosting a t-shirt design competition for future designers at fashion design schools, for example. , you will get more recognition from digital printing.

7.5.4 Creating new markets for digital printing: high resolution images and small batch production of a variety of products
Completely new and revolutionary possibilities for digital printing are now being explored: gradual printing of photographs and graphic paintings, leather printing, to name but two. Here, digital printing does not replace conventional techniques. Creating innovative products is an essential factor for this technology to stand out.

7.5.5 Reduce costs
Reducing running costs, including lower costs for printers, inks, and pre and post treatment is also one of the essential factors in making digital printing attractive, competitive and acceptable in the printer market.

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