An Angel Dvd Review

Nominated for 3 Golden Globes and 12 Emmys, including two for Della Reese for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Touched By An Angel has built a sizable and loyal audience with its light-hearted themes and inspiring stories. The brainchild of John Masius, creator of Providence (1999) and writer of hit shows like St. Elsewhere (1982) and LA Law (1986), Touched By An Angel follows in the footsteps of Michael Landon’s hit series Highway To Heaven, who recounted the exploits of a single angel who wandered the United States providing support to lost souls in need of help.


Touched By An Angel is quite similar, but the series uses multiple angels to achieve its purpose. Like Highway To Heaven, the series uses a contemporary setting and modern themes, allowing the show to reach a large audience who enjoy its themes of love, hope, and redemption.

Touched By An Angel follows the actions of different angels sent to Earth as “social workers” to bring God’s message of love, peace and hope to struggling people in the world. When the series begins, Monica (Roma Downey) is a fledgling social worker who is still in training (just moved up from “search and rescue”). Tess (Della Reese) helps Monica, and a full-fledged social worker, who brings the wisdom of her many years of experience in dealing with the problems that affect humanity in general. Together these two angels interact with people on Earth, easing the burden from any souls they come in contact with. In later seasons, Monica and Tess would be joined by Andrew (John Dye), the angel of death who also works as a social worker to lighten the load, and in the last two seasons (2001-2003), Gloria (Valerie Bertinelli) would join the trio as a regular recurring angel character … Overall, Touched By An Angel filled a desperately unmet need on the television programming landscape. With much of today’s programming focused on sex, violence, and “reality,” the hour-long CBS drama provided deep family-oriented content that always left viewers with a positive and optimistic feeling. ..

The Touched By An Angel DVD features a series of poignant episodes including the premiere of the series “The Southbound Bus” in which Monica is prepared for her first case since Angel promoted her “search and rescue.” While riding the bus south, she befriends a boy named David, who tells her the story of the death of her sister and her mother in a car accident. But when Monica is hired as David’s babysitter, she soon discovers the truth. David’s mother is still alive and Monica’s job is to reunite her with her family … Other notable episodes from the first season include “Cassie’s Choice” in which Monica and Tess help a teenage girl cope with the birth of the her son. And the decision about whether or not to give her baby up for adoption, and “There, but by the grace of God” in which Monica strips her angelic powers to learn a lesson of her own while working with various homeless people. ..

Below is a list of episodes included on the Touched By An Angel (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (The Southbound Bus) Air Date: 09/21/1994

Episode 2 (Show Me the Way Home) Air Date: 09/28/1994

Episode 3 (Tough Love) Air date: 12-10-1994

Episode 4 (Fallen Angela) Broadcast date: 10/19/1994

Episode 5 (Cassie’s Choice) Air Date: 10/26/1994

Episode 6 (The Heart of Matter) Air date: 02-11-1994

Episode 7 (An Unexpected Snow) Air date: 07-12-1994

Episode 8 (Snow) Aired on December 14, 1994

Episode 9 (Don’t Be Afraid!) Air Date: 12/25/1994

Episode 10 (There, but by the grace of God) Air date: 02/25/1995

Episode 11 (The Hero) Air date: 04-03-1995

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